Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

The beautiful Ness sent me this Stylish Blog award , thankyou so much sweetheart, it is very much appreciated 
 In order to accept this award there is a list of things to do:
Thank & link back to the giver of the award...ticked the box .. thanks  Ness xx
pass this award along to 8 bloggers ..
contact them & tell them of the award..
share 8 things about myself.... oh dear !!!!!!
1. I danced on tables in my work !!!!!!
2. I have been a restaurant manager & also a dressmaker now I don't sew except on paper
3. I can spin wool ... not very well LOL!!!
4. I love walking by the beach
5. have been married to DH Ken for 31 years
6. love having the family around
7. love coffee get togethers with friends
8. I LOVE scrapping !!!!!! 

I am happy to pass this on to the following beautiful ladies: 
1. Eve Sheppard
2. Julianne Mc Kenna 
3. Kylie Howland 
4. Wendy Gaskin 
5. Alaine Bucknall 
6. Kim Kendall
7. Chris Wormwald
8. Nicole Knopke 

Cheers for now 
Annette xx


  1. Dancing on tables Annette????? Now really!! LOL!!!

  2. hehehe i was going to say the same Annette ?? oh myyy was this a...one-off ?? or was this for some job lol !!!!
    Hope you are well Annette !! and not too affected by the floods wherever you are !
    thinking of you,

  3. aww thanks dear. There's some interesting things about you there...very interesting ;D!!

  4. Thankyou so much Annette!I have recieved 2 more of these lol and forgot to pop them up,I'm glad you enjoy my blog cos i love yours