Saturday, August 25, 2012

CSI # 34

Sleuthing time again on CSI 
# 34 is open for investigation . 

 I have always had a giggle at this photo,
 my mum in her daring two piece in stark contrast to the ladies 
in their floral frocks, sensible shoes, stockings & straw hats
 & uncle with rolled shirt sleeves & dark trousers ..
my dad would have been serving overseas, 
along with 4 other of grandma's sons.. 
so much history to relate through one pic ...
The ladies are from the right: 
my aunty (her husband far right), my paternal grandma, 
her sister (my great aunt) with her daughter & granddaughter .. 
if you look closely there is a bassinet behind them with a net over .. 
the babe would be my cousin
pop over to CSI
check out how the team of investigators,detectives & the special agent 
have solved the case
Why not have a go at solving??? 
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happy scrapping
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