Sunday, October 28, 2012

Case File # 43

Once again it time to grab your sleuthing kits 
Aren't the weeks flying by ???? 
CSI Case File # 43 is open for investigation
 the team of agents & detectives have  been very busy assisting in solving the case 
pop on over to CSI, check out the  fantastic forensic work by the team 
take up the challenge & upload to share. 
we love to see how others solve the case.
 I used 2 photos of my brother & I 
one was a portrait taken in 1947 & hung in the family home 
the other was taken a few weeks ago 
See we haven't changed a bit !!! LOL !!!!
Graeme has a typical dry Aussie humour 
& is a terrific story teller  of tall tales or true 
the quote I used fits him to a 'T':
'The most wasted day of all is one where you have not laughed'
  Thanks for visiting 
I truly appreciate your encouraging words 
Happy Scrapping 

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