Saturday, January 28, 2017


O Goodness I am so far behind in blogging ... 
through this Christmas holiday season  
I have running around chasing my tail
and am only now finally catching up with projects.
Not sure if any one else can get into a tangle like I do .... 
my difficulty then is unravelling myself which I am in the process of doing 
enough blahdy blah blah blah ...... 
I completed these Layouts in Meg's Garden Spring Pastels
I truly loved the delicacy of the colours it was so hard to cut into them
however cut I did ..
it was a great pleasure to meet Meg in person ..
this photo was on a blustery winter's day 
(how ironic it's on Spring Pastel papers)I met Meg along with members of the Garden team the previous day for lunch & forgot to take photos with her.
 Jules, Stephen & I  were visiting Stirling & enjoying a cup of coffee at the Red Cacao 
when Meg popped in off the off chance because the subject had come up at lunch
so we rectified the lack of a happy snap.
  lunch in Mitcham with Heather, Adriana & Margaret
always a delight to catch up with these beautiful women & share some IRL time with them
my darling daughter, 
this is a very natural photo of her.. 
she really dislikes having her picture taken so occasionally I sneak a candid shot ... 
The little frame on this LO was made by the lovely Margaret Mifsud, fellow Garden girl.

Thank you for calling by 
Happy Scrapping
Annette xx

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