Sunday, July 10, 2011

Black with 2 July 1Challenge

  Another great challenge has been set on BlackWith 2 ..
WITH WHITE &  Black & White  STRIPES 
Our number 1 Joker
my DGS Leigh playing cards in his oversized 'Elvis' sunnies is indeed our number 1 joker.... 
this series of photos were taken on Christmas Day afternoon, when we were all relaxing after a scrummy dinner... waiting for the time to play ' marco polo' in the pool .... 
the sunnies & straw hat were Christmas gifts
I boo booed with this design as the stripes were set to be black & white ....
pop on over to BW2 ... be inspired to create a LO following the set criteria, link to share 
thanks for calling by 
I love visitors
cheers for now
Annette X:)

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  1. wow what an amazing layout, those photos look very familiar LOL!! Amazing work as always. Ness xx