Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Color Stories Inspiration - Case File 1

Found this site whilst blog hopping ( snooping around)... way cool !!!!! 
had to have a go at solving the first Case 

riddled with lime -
green tea
futterwacken yellow-gold
madder red
muchier greenish-gray 
Choose one (or more) of the following to inspire your journaling:
  • Document something mad or crazy or silly.
  • Journal using a numbered list.
  • Write your story on a tag or series of tags
  • Craft your journaling in the form of an invitation.
  • Write your journaling as riddles (e.g., Q&A).
  • Journal in rhyme - Write a poem using end rhyme or internal rhyme.
  • Inspiration Words: chaos, time, random - Use these as a jumping off point to craft your journaling.
Changes ---- part of growing up! ---- brunette Feb 2010. blonde Nov 2010
..... Stevie has made a series of hair colour choices the past 12 months, 
the hairdressers have loved her & the bank account trembled ... LOL!!! 
why not check the site out 
click HERE
Thanks for calling by 
Cheers for now 
Annette X:)

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