Sunday, November 18, 2012

CSI # 46

Case File # 46 is open for investigation on CSI 
Grab your forensic kits 
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& join the team of investigators & detectives  in some serious sleuthing 
'nearly PAWFECT'
animal accents, frame, woodgrain, something that shimmers, painting, texture. 
'We have had an interesting occurrence in our household; 
the arrival of a beautiful, boisterous puppy, Stella. 
The dynamics have changed dramatically.
 Johnnie is very lordly, commanding superiority over all
 & has absolutely no patience with this new-comer. 
Miss Daisy however, generally the quiet type has developed a very mischevious streak,
 leading Stella into trouble by showing her gaps in the fence to visit neighbours...
 she also hides behind doors ready to attack.. 
Stella cannot understand why she can't jump out windows ..
 however she has learned to get up on the kitchen table !!!
 Personally I think she thinks she's a cat !!!!
hope you have a play with this case it is a fun palette. 
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happy scrapping 
Annette X 


  1. Gorgeous colors and I love the journalling, I hope all your 'kids' get along well. I am sure they will, we have 2 cats and 2 dogs and they all get along quite well..

  2. ...I just love layouts with pets!! Very pretty!!!