Saturday, November 24, 2012

CSI # 47

Another week has flown by !!! 
we counted the days to Christmas & found that result very scarey .. LOL!!!
putting all that aside there is another case file to be solved on CSI 
case file # 47 is open for investigation
grab your forensic kit & start sleuthing 
'visiting Grandma's'
Grandma's was a wonderland of country adventure, chooks to feed, eggs to gather, fruit to eat straight from the tree, apples, oranges, peaches, apricots, figs & grapes from the vine. fresh milk & clotted cream, yummy porridge sweetened with honey & best of all made with love in the old wood stove stored in the dresser in the dented cake tin.. Rock or Coconut Buns.... YUM !!! a child's delight.
Creating this LO brought back so many wonderful memories  of my paternal grandparents, I'll need to do another couple of LO's to record it all .. maybe it should be a
6x6 album .. hmm...  food for thought !!!
Thankyou for calling by I truly appreciate your encouraging words
Happy Scrapping 
Annette X:)

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