Sunday, October 20, 2013

CSI case files # 93 & # 94

CSI #93
 Testimony: 7 kids a'yelling 'supercalifragilitic' ..
One of the many highlights of their trip was a visit to Maryborough, 
hometown of P.L.Travers, author of 'Mary Poppins' 
Standing beside her bronze statue the children 
were very surprised how tiny Mary was.

 CSI # 94 is  now open for investigation 

MY JOURNALLING is a poem written from Johnnie's perspective:
'Look at me I'm big & tough.. but..
truly I have had enough..
of that dog & other cat.
You placed them in MY home...
disturbing MY peace
I really think..
you should release...
THEM !!!
In MY old age I don't want ..
to share..MY food or MY bed
& I just don't care for fun & games,
I don't even want to know their names...
however I suppose if they did go ...
truth be known ..
I'd probably miss them..
let's keep them &
I'll learn to stay away..
while they run, chase & play.'
products used: Prima, Authenique, Bo Bunny,7gypsies, Teresa Collins,versamark
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  1. beautiful work Annette, loving the last one :)

  2. Oh my, my oldest cat Ponky could have written the journaling on the last layout....
    Fabolous design and use of colors on both layouts!

  3. I love both of these layouts Annette and the journalling by your cat is awesome. I love the colours and the design on both of these... you rock...

  4. Ha ha! your Johnnie seems to share the same opinions that our Max has! He is one handsome boy! and your page is just so lovely!
    Didn't know the author of Mary P was an Aussie, always thought she was from the UK. Another beautiful page Annette! xoxoxo