Tuesday, October 4, 2016


It all began with a Facebook post from Tina Walker
throwing an idea into cyber space of an 
'Artist Collaboration'
I figured why not ??? why not indeed !!!
When the envelope arrived with the treasures inside I thought 
Oh Heck what have I done !!!
After cogitating for quite a while 
& procrastinated quite a while longer ..
Then!!! light bulb moment !!!
I envisioned 

Gathering all the goodies together I started work 
glued the larger piece of fabric onto a piece of board, sprayed a few more colours 
stencilled with gesso, sprayed a bit more .. 
rubbed 'inka gold' onto the cogs & veiwmaster disk
sprayed muslin skirt with green
rubbed 'inka gold' green onto resin pieces then tipped with gold 
cut out angel wings & started putting my angel together.
butterfly, wings & cogs
muslin, cotton fabric & twine
resistors, brooch face & metal crown 

from my stash I found the brooch with beautiful face in silver, 
rubbed with green & gold & a slight touch of pink on her cheeks,
adding cogs of bronze, gold & silver & gems of aqua, 
bending & twisting the resistors & 
tying knots into the twine over the skirt completed my playing.
When she was finished I felt she missing something
but what ??? 
Out in the garden shed found the answer 
a frame I had painted many years before.
I washed off the accumulated dust rubbed in more gold 
and framed her up 
she was now totally complete.
Thank You to Tina for inspiring us to think outside the box
To Susan for showing us how to do the techy stuff 
( which I sadly at first struggled with & then it clicked)
A HUGE thank you  to our sponsors

There are 60 0ther takers on this collaboration 
so many wonderful ideas with the same goodies
so take a look around .. 

 Happy Creating 
Hugz Annette 


  1. I ADORE this! Those wings and crown are just awesome. PS, I had the same thought. Had zero clue what to do with the kit for weeks.

  2. Oh how I do love your beautiful angel!

  3. She is so gorgeous Annette! Love this so much

  4. I LOVE this idea - your project is super cool too!!

  5. This is gorgeous, the way you have mixed the colours just make this a beautiful piece!

  6. So beautiful. Love the colors and the ethereal feel your whole piece gives off. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! :)

  7. Love how you made all the items go together! Turned out wonderful! Thanks for incorporating my stencil design into your creation :)

  8. This is stunning 😍 glad to have been able to create together in this collab 😊

  9. Stunning! I love anything gold and love your blinged out the die cuts!

  10. This is simply beautiful. I love the gold highlights.