Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Secret is out

A few weeks have passed since I last blogged 
& busy weeks they have been 
I am in the process of: revamping & clearing out my scrappy place to make it user friendly again
2. Our minor damage in the hail storm turned out to be major .. we are getting a new roof !!!
plus the ceiling in the front bedroom is being repainted ..
3. resting 
4. deciding my artistic direction 
 the secret .. 
I am delighted to be staying on at Meg's Garden 
I thank Meg for her absolute encouragement & support
you are such a blessing Meg
Life can be topsy turvy & 
as long as I can withstand the tops & the turvs I'll be fantastic 
first thing to create family wise is my elder sons 
'this is your life'
I started for his 40th & now 12years later I'll finish it LOL!!!!
I  completed an inspiration journal for MEGS GARDEN before Christmas
& my next post will be the details 
Thanks for calling by 
Happy Scrapping 
Hugz Annette

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