Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Hello friends
as the year of 2014 comes to a close & 
the dawn of 2015 is upon us I felt it was time to reflect 
& make decisions ..
upon reflection 
Artistically I have had an amazing journey, 
being part of design teams headed by incredible women,
 My fellow team members were/are talented artists & sometimes I wondered 
how I managed to have the honour of working amid these wonderful ladies 
Please accept my humble thank you for your support & encouragement. 
It has been such a delight to work & learn from you all 
& I have enjoyed every part of the ride.
Even deadlines ... Yep!!!! 
 those deadlines when you tell yourself 
'I work better under pressure' 
LOL !!!
However the time has come to step back & take a rest from deadlines & challenges
This was the hardest decision to make;
because I loved it
 now it's made I know it's a good decision for me 
I hadn't lost my MOJO .. I lost my way ... 
Another part of my decision came about as I really need to do family albums
so there is a heritage for my children & grandchildren
must do it before I forget ... HAHAHAHA !!!!
There is however one little secret I cannot reveal !!!!!  shhhhhhhh !!!!
Personally it has been a year of highs & lows ... 
 my 70th birthday,trip to Sydney, breaking my ankle, hubby in hospital (twice),
my first overseas holiday (Fiji),the charity work throughout the year, a massive hailstorm
 (fortunately only minor damage) very scary
a beautiful Christmas with family& friends
 I wish you all a very Happy 2015 
lots of Happy Scrapping 
Hugz Annette


  1. Happy New Year Annette, May you find refreshment and contentment in 2015!

  2. Happy New Year Annette, Wishing you a wonderful 2015! Take Care x